Guys we’ve probably all tried it sitting in front of our computer with our smartphone ready to cop that Bangin’ pair boots that we’ve been wanting for so long but wait Before you press buy have you made sure that you haven’t made one of the most common boot buying mistakes that you can do when buying football boots Well exactly so unless you are the master of buying boots online, in which pays I applaud you Well here are five mistakes to avoid when you buy new football boots Number five is gambling on the size and On the fit well now Obviously the most optimal solution in trying out the boots before you buy them to make sure that the fit and the sizing is correct Well, it doesn’t really work When you buy the boots online? but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do a bit of research on figuring out what the sizing and the fit is like in the boots for instance by watching our reviews that shameless plug you can watch by clicking the I on your screen right up there But it doesn’t really have to be much. You don’t have to make much of an effort Just make sure that you figure out which size you are in the different brands and what your fit Preferences are if you do that you’ve come a very long way so you can hopefully avoid Sending back the boots because they feel like they’re the wrong size when you put them on for the first time when they arrive in the mail Instead of being happy you’re just sad you have to send them back so of course this isn’t the biggest no-go ever But it’s just so much nicer to actually get the right fit the right size from the beginning Number four actually ties Directly into that cuz if you aren’t sure that the boots you can buy online will be the right fit or the right size Well you shouldn’t go and get them customized before you press buy that means IDing them with your personal name Or your flag or another way making them personal by slapping something on them Because the thing is that if you just buy a normal pair of boots You don’t like the size You can actually send them back to the retailer where you’ve bought them could be us at Hopefully it is and then because the boots are still brand new well We can sell them to someone else, but if you’ve ID’d them and slap whatever You want undecided them your name your dog’s name. It could be whatever Well, we can’t sell them to anyone else because who would one that and thus you can’t return boots that you’ve ID’d just because you Don’t like the sizing so keep that in mind as well Number three is getting the wrong outsole for the surface you’re playing at Now of course the most commonly sold outsole and should we say this safe choice if you don’t know what to go for is the FG outsole simply becuase you can wear it on most pitches apart from artificial grass apart from artificial grass. You can technically wear them, but it’s not necessarily very good And you risk getting very very injured So I don’t recommend doing so but keep in mind getting the right outsole for the surface you play on for these two reasons A: Warranty now FG boots aren’t made to be worn on artificial grass so if you do that you’re gonna lose your warranty in other words if you play a lot on artificial grass go get an Ag outsole and the other B: performance because if you play a lot on soft muddy pitches consider getting yourself a pair of SG boots Potentially even anti-clog because it’s awesome But unless you play exclusively on soft muddy pitches don’t have the SG pair as your only outsole because if you wear SG on FG pitches or God forbid on artificial grass. Well it can lead to some very very nasty injuries So keep in mind That should always get the right outsole for the surface playing at In Second place we simply have a mistake that involves being too eager, so you get your new boots you unwrap them You just want to go and play in them straight away Yeah Well unless you’re a hundred percent Certain that the boots will give you the right fit stop everything you’re doing because if you go and play in the boots You can’t send them back Even if you don’t like the size So what you want to do is before you go and play try theboots on at home Maybe walk around a bit in them to really get an idea of what the fit is like and if then checks out Well you can go and play in them have some fun Enjoy your new boots before we move on to number one here are a few other things that you should be wary of one thing is that if you’re A kid and your feet are still growing rapidly, and you don’t necessarily have that much money to buy boots for well Don’t necessarily go out and get the very most high-end boots out there because you’re probably gonna have to replace them very soon anyway next next next I mean if you have a war chest full of money by all means go get high end boosts they’re awesome They’re wicked, but if you don’t well just keep it in mind and also do not buy fake football boots like You just don’t buy them why? Well, we’re gonna explain everything to you as to why you shouldn’t buy fake boots if you click the I right up there, but seriously Just don’t but number one the biggest mistake you can make is if you buy a pair of football boots For the only reason that it’s worn by your favorite player on the pitch. Listen guys. I’m all about signature boots I love the concept, but Neymar wearing a pair of Vapors doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re gonna enjoy them So instead do your research. Fan out what kind of fit you like what kind of materials you like and what kind of brands make the boots that you will feel comfortable wearing. And sure Nike Adidas and Puma the big three all make very very good football boots But so do the smaller brands like Zune or Umbro and Under Armour Etc etc so find out what works for you and Then go with that and if it happens to be a Neymar boot or a Messi boot or a Ronaldo boot or whatever kind of boot well Well good for you happy times, it’s all good in the hood, but think about it and with those words guys That was five boot buying mistakes, that you should avoid if you plan on getting yourself a new pair of banging boots anytime soon But do you guys have any good advice on what to avoid you should let me know in the comment section right down Below, and then you should go and subscribe with the notifications on if you want more sick football videos many times a week Maybe you also want to keep watching if you do then click the video right down here And maybe we’ll see each other in a little bit.Regardless, I’m gonna sign off. See you next time cheerio

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