Tremont Plateau park

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come to a really nice Park in the middle of Clayton Park. Tremont Plateau
Park which is a mouthful is actually a real nice park got a really nice trail
that comes in the middle of it and it’s huge actually as a surprising how big it is you’ve got crazy good views and a lots of things to do here it’s just a
great resource for the community So I know we’re back at a park and it’s winter and
I know people always ask me why why do you do so much in the winter parks.
Because it’s fun but it is again at that time of year where the weather is
getting quite warm during the day so the snow is melting but then it’s freezing
overnight so just be mindful when you into these parks during this kind of
like late February early March time that’s going with a lot of like black
ice and ice so be careful because you can get really really slippy so one of the things I’ve always loved
about being in the city like Halifax is because we have parks like this it’s a
great way to even though you live in like an urban area to come to a place that’s
full of nature as you can hear the squirrels having some kind of fight over
nuts which is highly hilarious and also super cute. so I actually found this park
completely by accident in the summer I was around here and I came down here and I
was like wow what is this place and I thought oh maybe it’s just a baseball
field but as I kept walking through it just seemed to get bigger and bigger
not only do you have a full-sized baseball field you’ve got a soccer field
down here as well there’s a playground and the trail loops all the way through
I mean since we’ve been here there’s been several people walking and running here and it’s
just like what an incredible thing to have in your community. so we’re just sitting on
the bleachers now like looking out on to the soccer pitch it’s a huge soccer pitch
and so which is great cuz there’s lots of space for people to come and play and
do things like there’s a lot of people walking their dogs even though this is
really slippy and playing frisbee throwing playing catch with their dogs it’s just really
cool to see that because you know that’s what you want to see when you have a
space like this is being used by the community and I just sitting here
thinking will I play football I never play in the place I have this kind of
view like you’re looking straight out into Dartmouth it’s so beautiful so there’s tons of parking here which is
makes it again even more accessible you’ve got a couple of basketball courts
you got a tennis ball court and there’s also a full playground which I would
totally go and play on but it’s really slippy and I don’t want another
concussion but this park does have everything There’s even a general store
here….You get it? It’s not really a general store. It’s for kids to play with but…I think it’s funny. It actually turns out the play ground had melted quite a bit so we did actually go on
it and we had lots of fun even though we’re adults but there are a couple of dogs on
the soccer field and they are just adorable so that is
the end of this week’s video once again we’re at Tremont Plateau Park which is
still a really hard sentence for me to say but this park is kind of blowing me
away there’s so much to do here even though it’s freezing right now it’s
still beautiful we’ve had so much fun exploring it so if you live in Clayton Park
definitely come and check it out it’s definitely a place I
think a lot of people should enjoy if you live in the community thank you for watching
the video if there’s anywhere you think we should make a video please let us
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channel and we’ll see you next week Gina:Okay go. …… Intro sorry So that is the end of this week’s video
and once again we were at Tree….Tron Gina: Nope and not only do you have a full-size
baseball court you have…it’s not a baseball court is it? It’s a baseball field Tremont. Treemont sounds better Gina: it does. Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this video hit the big round subscribe button so you
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