Watch how a Michigan Football superfan transforms on game day

Watch how a Michigan Football superfan transforms on game day

My name is Terrance Still. I am a realtor
in Ann Arbor. The superfan started back in 2003. I moved here from New Jersey in
1999. I got lucky enough to move about a block up from the stadium and
after seeing football games and tailgates throughout the years I kind of
intensified my fandom a little more and more. Being an athlete, I mean it gave
me a lot of different perspectives. It made me, number one, want to compete. I
want to be the best painter. I want to be the best looking person out there as far
as superfans. My designs range from warrior patterns to cartoonish patterns,
and then there’s days where I have no clue what I’m I do. I just wake up and
just start painting. My game day starts at 4am easily. Some days 4:30. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a 12 o’clock game or where there’s
an 8pm game. Paint schemes take about 2 hours, 2 or 3 hours, depending on
how intricate I want to be. This year I plan on tackling a little more social
issues so my paint schemes are probably gonna reflect that a little more. When I
first used to take the makeup off it was always just water and a scrub. I
found out once I got married to my wife that there was easier methods of taking
off makeup. People look at me and they say “you know what’s the Buffalo had got
to do with Michigan football?” I happen to be 25% Lenape Indian so it’s just
natural for me to be able to gravitate towards that and so as I
started painting up I didn’t have the headdress starting out. I wore wigs and
different types of hats. It was only when I started walking into games that people
started to say “hey can I take a picture of you?” Naturally it progressed into more
and more intricate paint schemes and that’s where I started to notice a
change in the amount of people who wanted to take pictures. It went from, you
know, maybe five a game to a hundred a game and now it gets a little
crazy if I get up to use the bathroom at the game. It’s about a 45 minute
process. The interactions with the Michigan fans are always great. Half
these people I don’t know but by the time I walk out of their tailgate I feel
like we’re friends. Every week they invite me back to
their tailgates, so it’s a nice feeling. The nice thing about it is
every place that I’ve been, that I’ve traveled to everyone has treated me with
the utmost respect and I think they just respect you know the level at which I
approach my fandom. It’s about putting smiles on people’s faces. Not being
negative. Being more of the positive influence and that’s what I pride myself on.

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