Watch Trump Get Booed Loudly During Military Swearing-In Ceremony at Soccer Game  – Live News 247

Watch Trump Get Booed Loudly During Military Swearing-In Ceremony at Soccer Game – Live News 247

 During a halftime swearing-in ceremony of United States Armed Forces, soccer fans in Portland, Oregon, booed when enlistees were asked to pledge to “obey the orders of the President of the United States ”  A crowd of over 17,000 were in attendance at Providence Park to watch Wednesday’s game between the Portland Thorns and North Carolina Courage The ceremony was scheduled to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11.  Those in attendance applauded the enlistees throughout the halftime ceremonies, and only booed when the presidency was mentioned According to The Oregonian, which was first to report on the incident, wrote that some fans had criticized the event on social media, calling it inherently political And noted the hypocrisy of new rules implemented this season that bans political signs in MLS stadiums    Some, like Fox News’ Sean Hannity expressed outrage over the incident. On Saturday, Hannity tweeted a link to his website with a Trump like caption, writing: “**DISGUSTING DISPLAY on 9/11** But, it seems obvious to any fair minded person who views the video above that the reaction from the crowd was directed at an unpopular president and not 9/11 ” In This Article: Donald Trump, Military, President Donald Trump

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    Rich B

    Lol where's the video of it?


    WildAssBill Engineer

    What makes anyone think that once Trump leaves office, either 2020 or 2024, that he won't spill his guts (national secrets) to the Russians in exchange for the loans he has received from them? In fact, Trump may already have begun divulging secrets in private conversations with Putin as a show of loyalty in return for Russian loans.


    Hannelore C

    Fake story. Unsubscribe to this channel


    Baron Von Schneider

    See how F'd up Portland is?


    Buddy Heartt

    Have to burst your bubble…TRUMP is not an 'unpopular president' as you mention in your vid, in fact I'd bet he's re-elected easily. So, whatever you're smoking isn't doing you any good AT ALL!


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