WFL League Update Week 1 – Top Performers, Key Matchups, Fantasy Football Studs

Pressure throws he’s got a completion at a first down its Vernon Davis the ageless one who stays on his feet somehow And he’s got a crease in the end zone Surprise surprise Fantasy fuckers the league update is back and it’s week one So let’s take a look and see how everybody did to start the season The teams that got wins in the first week our tab ultimate tough motherfucker the Detroit faggot tours no, girly men and past life pacify Congratulations to all the teams That got victories this week Unfortunately yours truly was not one of them but rest assured I will be back the guns Cannot be denied for too long so get ready for the four that Taking a look at the Power Rankings after one week Past-life pacify got high points for the week and is the number one team in the league followed by tough motherfucker and Ultimate Team League worst designation resides with destiny has arrived and Unfortunately destiny has not arrived yet So welcome to the league Bret, but you sit at the bottom of the standings, my friend Doing something a little bit different in this first edition. We’re taking a look at some of the fantasy studs for the week Sammy Watkins was the number one fantasy performer of week one. He is owned by Scott Donaldson On 3rd and 3 they said he’ll in motion mahomes looks that way now we’ll fire and hit his man at the 40 Oh look out Sammy Watkins Takes it all the way explosion followed by Chris McCaffrey Austin Eckler, DeSean Jackson So whatever here’s here’s the list of the top performers for the week Moving on to the matchups of the week we have the number two seated tough motherfucker Taking on the number three seeded ultimate team. So both of those teams are undefeated and the winner that should take Claim to the body slam division And another good matchup. We have no girly men taking on my cuz oh the Detroit faggot tours Both coming off wins and both looking to solidify their spot in the suplex division so those are the matchups to look out for this week and That’s gonna do it a short, but sweet League update Back by popular demand. We’ll see how many of these things I can crank out This season. Thank God me a pump back man. And that’s it Good luck in week 2 and the weeks beyond until next time make wise choices You

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