What is Gaelic Football? (part 1 of 3)

Gaelic football is one of the national games played in Ireland various references to football in Ireland and the trace back to 1660 Ireland is 32 counties in each has a representative team local parishes are felt some representative James also what’s the difference between Gaelic football and supper you can handle ball what’s the difference between Gaelic football and rugby you can score goals what’s the difference between Gaelic football and Australian football there’s less physical contact where the tackle is concerned and there are no side posts the parent body in charge of Gaelic football is the Gaelic Athletic Association which was founded in 1884 and has its headquarters in pro-park Dublin the stadium is one of the foremost in Europe and has capacity of 85,000 team numbers have changed since 1884 initially teams could have up to 21 players aside in 1892 they had 17 players aside and the 1914 they became 15 inside the same as today the scoring system has also evolved in 1884 a gold outnumbered any number of points in 1892 with equal five points and in 1895 with equaled 3 points that’s still the position today laughter point posts were introduced in 1885 and these were removed in 1910 team lineouts very from underage competitions to adult ones in the basic seven aside there is the goalkeeper two defenders to midfielders and two forwards nine aside involves an extra defender and an extra forward children got the opportunity to play Gaelic football in pro park each year in seven inside exhibition games eleven inside involves four defenders two midfielders and four forwards football is made from leather the adult size ball has a maximum wage 495 grams and a maximum circumference of 70 centimeters children’s footballs are smaller sized 13 aside involves an extra defender and an extra forward in conventional 15 his side and was 2 to 7 play in the back line and was 8 and 9 in midfield and it was 10 to 15 in the forwards with 5 substitutes permitted full size pitch dimensions range from a minimum length of 130 meters to a maximum 145 measures with the width ranging from 80 to 90 meters the goal posts are 6.5 meters apart the crossfire is at a height of 2.5 meters

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