What to do with the 3rd overall pick in fantasy baseball

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANDY BEHREN: Ah, congratulations. Number three overall pick, that’s a great spot to be. Really, in a fantasy baseball league, any time you can have a top three pick, you’re sitting pretty. In an average Yahoo league, that’s going to mean that you start your draft with Bryce Harper– clear MVP candidate. This is the guy who’s going to score 100 runs if he stays healthy. He’s going to give you 40 homers. He’s going to give you 100 RBIs. He’s going to hit for average. Ridiculous on-base skills. His manager may call him Royce. You can just call him the cornerstone of your fantasy roster. Again, great place to be. If I were you in the second and third round, I would double down and triple down on hitting, as well. I want to make sure that I get those power bats at the top of the draft, because I’m not guaranteed to be able to find them in the later rounds. That’s where you want to find saves. That’s where you want to find pitching. That’s where you want to find speed. But again, top three pick– you’re not going to be able to screw this up.

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